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What is Mask?

Mask is an easy to implement platform that allows your readers to subscribe instead of viewing ads. It also gives you the option to not allow readers using ad blockers to access your website. Using Mask, you enable a new revenue stream while recapturing reveneue lost due to ad blockers.

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Allows users to subscribe and opt-out of seeing ads

Stops people with ad-blocker from viewing your site so that you get the income you deserve

Why Mask?

Double Your Earnings

We believe those horrible, ugly banner ads belong to the past. 20% of internet users agree with us and decide to use ad-blockers. Unfortunately, that means you don’t earn as much as you should. Your loyal readers will be happy to pay a subscription instead of seeing ads. Therefore, they are worth far more to you than advertisers pay you.

Make Your Readers Happy

Give your loyal readers the option of enjoying your content in the best possible way; without any advertisements. The premium version of your site will boost your income and more importantly, improve your reader’s experience.

No Lost Revenue

Mask doesn't take anything away from your ad driven business model, we only supplement it by:

• Increasing ad revenue due to stopping ad blockers
• Adding a subscription option to supplement your ad revenue

You can start seeing the benefits of Mask today. We don't charge website owners anything to use our software. Instead, we get a commission of 15% on your subscriptions.

Give Your Readers A Choice

A lot of people don't like seeing ads on your website. However, we believe that you deserve to get paid for your content. That doesn't mean you have to turn your readers off by sticking ads in their face.

Mask allows you to offer a subscription for your website. But unlike other pay walls, Mask doesn’t hide your site from new visitors. Instead, you give your readers the possibility to pay either a monthly or yearly subscription to access your content ad-free.

Start Using Mask Today

  • No upfront cost
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Improve user experience
  • Earn money without annoying readers
  • Full control over the subscription prices
  • Higher earnings than traditional advertising

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